Aipoly Vision is a new app that literally helps the blind or visually impaired to “see” what is in front of them. Using smartphones and IoT (eg., smart home) devices, the app provides real-time image recognition of thousands of items and can even differentiate between a kitchen sink and a bathroom sink!


Since the app operates locally and, once downloaded, doesn’t require an internet connection to function, there are no privacy concerns as your data isn’t being shared. Optimization of deep learning makes Aipoly roughly ten times faster than cloud solutions for image recognition and requires no bandwidth.


Best of all, the app is FREE and currently available in seven different languages. While only available for Apple users, the Android version is expected to be released April 15, 2017.

Sighted users can help add to the database by teaching Aipoly new items and helping tens of thousands of visually impaired users. The app has also won the CES (Consumer Electronics and Technology Trade Show) 2017 Best of Innovation Award.

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