Check in at the Henn-Na Hotel in Japan, and you will be greeted by robots. At least one humanoid, and at least one velociraptor dressed as a bellhop. Because why not mix the two? And since they are multi-lingual, communication is a breeze! 


Your luggage is delivered to your room by the porter-bot, which I imagine eliminates the need to tip? And don’t worry about losing your key – facial recognition makes sure that you, and only you (and your other registered guests, of course) can access your room.


The Henn-Na was built to complement the “eco-friendly future city concept” of the adjoining Huis Ten Bosch amusement park (the park opened in 1992, while the hotel opened in 2015). Pioneering the use of AI, this hotel is the world’s first to be staffed approximately 90% by robots. 

You may not be surprised to find out that the Japanese word “Henn” translates as “to change” and indeed, they have turned the traditional hotel concept upside down. Time will tell whether they have revolutionized the industry, or just created an interesting resort destination. And as an aside, I would NOT recommend reading a particular Dean Koontz novel while staying there if you have an overly active imagination.

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