Irresponsible drone pilots continue to flout the rules and fly their consumer drones near airports, prisons and military air bases. It isn’t always practical to shoot them out of the sky, as debris may land on innocent bystanders, but they need to be dealt with.


Most of the time, these rogue drones are just the playthings of the general public, but in the wrong airspace they can, at the very least, present a safety threat to authorized aircraft like air ambulances, traffic choppers, etc. However, after a political protester attached radioactive material to a drone and landed it on the roof of the Japanese prime minister’s office in 2015, security experts realized terrorists may fit explosives to them and create havoc flying them into crowds or buildings.


Dutch police started training eagles to tackle illegal drones last year. When the eagle returns with a drone, it is treated to a tasty meal, so everyone wins. The UK is considering using the bird to patrol skies above prison yards to ensure contraband isn’t being delivered by drones, and the French military were happy to demonstrate the skills of their four flying recruits just last week.

This low-tech solution to an increasing problem will be deployed as part of security efforts at special events and international conferences like the climate summit in Paris.

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