Distracted driving has become an international epidemic. A few years ago, two Silicon Valley dads were panicking at the thought of their teenage sons reaching the legal age to drive, and created an app – LifeSaver – to reduce, if not end, the use of cell phones while driving. They were so successful, they launched a company and have modified the app for companies to use with their fleets of vehicles.


It is estimated 25% of accidents involve one of the drivers using a cellphone, although many acknowledge that it is vastly under-reported. In a recent US survey, 20% of those aged 18-20 and 30% of those aged 21-34 felt that texting while driving would not impact their driving.


The app uses the phone’s GPS technology to detect driving, and blocks access to the phone while the car is moving. The phone can be unlocked in an emergency or if the user is a passenger, but actions are recorded so a family member or employer can view it to keep the driver honest. Parents installing the app on teen drivers’ phones will receive a text notification when Junior arrives at his/her location and can view the app to see when the phone is driving mode, so you know not to call or text them. If a navigation program has been initiated prior to the vehicle moving, the driver will still be able to hear driving instructions.

The app is free to download for family use, although those interested in using it commercially for vehicle fleets, etc. will pay for the application. However, any cost to a company would likely be offset by significant savings in insurance premiums as well as accident reduction.

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