For me, the answer is yes. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and our ‘smart city’ is participating in a North American program aimed at developing standards for a technology called Connected Vehicle Technology (CVT).


In general, a smart city is one that leverages IoT (Internet of Things, because yes, that is a term) devices like sensors, smart lights, and smart meters to gather data in order to analyze information about their infrastructure, population, and public services.


The Connected Vehicle Technology program involves computers in vehicles that communicate with each other to ensure that one can’t follow another too closely, or will avoid a collision with another vehicle altogether. In the event an accident or construction slows traffic, the ‘smart’ system will immediately ‘see’ the slowdown in the data being sent from vehicles.

The goal in this phase is to develop and test common standards so that all vehicles can easily communicate with our transportation infrastructure, sharing information using the same language. Will that improve my life significantly? Time will tell.

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