Sunday’s Super Bowl broke a number of records, and “everyone” was saying that “no one” could have predicted the Patriots’ comeback – everyone except a Swarm AI platform called UNU, built by Unanimous.AI.


How does this work? It’s literally based on the reality that countless species have evolved techniques to pool their insights and converge on optimal decisions, “two heads are better than one” taken to the nth degree. And now, AI technology allows humans to form real-time swarms and achieve similar results.


Swarm AI is a prediction engine that combines swarming algorithms with human input. To gather information for Sunday’s game, they connected 40 football fans in groups (swarms). By monitoring the conversations and combining that data with available group intelligence data used to make predictions, the algorithms spat out the prediction of Patriots winning over the Braves 34 – 28.

Their string of success includes accurately predicting the top four winning horses (and the correct order) in a recent Kentucky Derby, the 2015 and 2016 Stanley Cup winners and 9/10 NFL playoff results. What this will do to the sports gambling industry is anyone’s guess (although the people at Unanimous.AI probably have a pretty good idea.)

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